The main products are twist

polyester yarn and nylon twist yarn

Twist Yarn

Product Diagram

Product Speciality

Polyester twisted yarn is made of PET, spun preoriented polyester yarn (POY) at high speed, and then processed by drafting and twisting. It has the characteristics of short time, high efficiency and good quality. In addition to the characteristics of general polyester fracture strength, good heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, strong corrosion resistance, easy to wash and dry, it also has the characteristics of high bulk, good heat insulation, comfortable feel, soft light and so on.

Main Specification


FDY 50D/24F


FDY 60D/4F
FDY 68D/24F
FDY 75D/36F600/800/1500
FDY 100D/36F600/800/1500
FDY 150D/48F150/350/550
FDY 300D/96F120/200
DTY 30D/24F200
DTY 50D/24F/36F150/200
DTY 75D/36F120/150/200
DTY 100D/36F150/200
DTY 150D/36F/48F/96F150/200
DTY 200D/72F/96F120/150
DTY 300D/72F/96F120/150
TY 64D/48F1200/1900
TY 135D/108F600/800
SSY 80D/48F800/1200/1400
SSY 160D/48F1200/1350/1500
CEY 180D/60F/96F1200/1350/1500

FDY 40/D7F


FDY 70D/18F150/180
DTY 40D/12F/2100/600
DTY 70D/24F110/150/180
DTY 100D/24F/290/100/150/200
False Twist YarnFDY 75D/36F800TPM
FDY 100D/48F800TPM
FDY 150D/96F1300TPM
Auxiliary material

170mm perforated tube

170mm normal tube

230mm perforated tube

230mm normal tube

230mm paper tube

170mm perforated tube170mm normal tube230mm perforated tube230mm normal tube230mm paper tube